Skincare Workshops coming Fall 2014

Workshops are fun and informative. Not only will you leave with valuable knowledge, but when you attend a Skincare Workshop you will receive discounts on services and products, and free gifts to take home and start using. Classes are small (4-6 maximum) so they do fill up fast. Reservations can be made by contacting Doreen or may be scheduled online (SCHEDULE NOW) under Classes. 

Healthy Skin Workshop 

The Healthy Skin Workshop will give you the fundamentals of good skincare. So much more than just cleanse, tone and moisturize. You will learn the basics of how the skin functions, why we cleanse, choosing the correct cleansers and methods of application for your skin, the benefits of choosing organic and natural products, health and diet advice, and a few beauty tips and tricks.

Teen Skin Workshop

The Teen Skin Workshop is about giving girls and boys the best start to healthy skin.  Learning how to take care of your skin now will set you up for a lifetime of healthy beautiful skin. It is very tempting to do too much to the skin from a young age. It doesn’t help matters when you see  beautiful advertising campaigns that lure you in. Sometimes you may become so desperate for clear skin that you’ll  try anything and get the wrong advice from well meaning family and friends. Let an expert give you advice instead and start feeling more confident in yourself.  This is a hands on workshop with an opportunity to practice cleansing, applying moisturizer, and learn what products to avoid and what ones will help. Learn simple home care tips for your skin, myths, facts, diet, and health.  You will learn tons about your skin and have fun at the same time!

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