Advanced Natural Nail Care

All nails are not alike!! Just like your hair and skin, your nails have their own strengths and weaknesses. Outside influences such as work and recreational activities, nutrition, medications and medical conditions, can greatly affect the condition of your nails. No detail is ignored with SHE’s Natural Nail Care treatments that begin with a precision analysis, allowing for a customized service.  With regular Natural Nail Care treatments along with recommended home care, even clients who could never grow their own nails are thrilled as their nails grow in healthy and beautiful! A program designed to prepare the bride for her special day. A customized plan that ranges from three to six months. After a thorough skin analysis and consultation, together we will design a plan to fit your budget and help you reach your goal of having radiant skin on your wedding day. 10% discount on the agreed package and 10% discount on all home care products when purchased at time of package. Bridal Makeup may be included in package.

Deluxe Manicure     $40

The ultimate luxury nail treatment.  After nails are analyzed, a customized treatment based on your personal nail type will be prescribed. Nails are meticulously tended to from foundation to surface, cuticles are stimulated to increase circulation and promote the growth and health of your nail.  Tiny tears are mended and broken nails repaired naturally with cotton fibers and will last until your nail grows.  For the ultimate pampering, a massage and Thermal Mitten Treatment will rejuvenate your hands and condition nails and cuticles.  Nails are polished to perfection. 60 minutes

Zen Pedicure     $55

The Zen Pedicure experience is pure, serene and luxurious.  Your senses are awakened with a detoxifying soak, then even the toughest callouses and cuticle build-up is removed.  Feet are revived and exfoliated with an exclusive Microdermabrasion Scrub, followed by a heavenly massage and Thermal Bootie treatment to soften and condition.   Toenails are meticulously tended to, analyzed and customized treatments performed.  Toenails are polished to perfection. 60 minutes




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